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Membership in the Leatherneck Club is open to those who make an annual contribution of at least $100.00 to the Detachment. These donations enable us to assist our Detachment's efforts in the community in various ways:

* ​Awards programs for the Marine JROTC at four high schools in Richmond.
* Purchasing coupon books for the veterans at McGuire Veterans Hospital.
* Outings for the disabled veterans.Donations to local community charities.
* Donations to the Virginia War Memorial.
* ​Marine Corps Birthday cakes for hospitalized veterans and local high
school Marine JROTC celebrations.
* Contributions to the Toys for Tots Marine Reserve Christmas Program.
* Direct contributions to needy veterans families.

How do you join the Leatherneck Club?

​Simple, send a one-hundred dollar (or more) gift to the Paymaster, James M. Slay Detachment #329, Marine Corps League, P.O. Box 416, Ashland, Va. 23005. We realize that you are probably getting requests from the National League headquarters, the American Legion, VFW and other organizations for money, and don't see where the money is spent. The big difference is that Leatherneck Club money will be used right here in town and on projects in which we are directly involved.

What do you get for it? The satisfaction of knowing that the James M. Slay Detachment of the Marine Corps League is on the job assisting our fellow veterans thanks to your help.

The James M. Slay Detachment of the Marine Corps League is incorporated as a non-profit 501c4 Veterans Service Organization.


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"Once a Marine, Always a Marine"